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ISIS takes fight online - hundreds of US school websites redirected

Pro-ISIS hackers hijacked the websites of roughly 800 US schools and educational districts on Monday, after compromising their web hosting provider, various news outlets have reported.

CYBERCOM 'reluctant' to cut off Islamic State internet

The US Cyber-Command is hesitant to shut down the Islamic State's online capability, and with apparently good reason

The US declares cyber-war on Islamic State

The US, finally and for the first time has announced its intentions to wage cyber-war on Islamic State

Anonymous promises retribution for Paris attacks

Hacktivist group Anonymous has vowed vengeance against the group called Islamic State for the Paris attacks on Friday, claiming it will destroy the terrorist group's online operations and expose its members.

ISIL threatens the UK with cyber-attack

The Islamic State of Iraq (ISIL) and the Levant threatened to go through with a cyber-attack against the UK.