Isis supporters take down US county website

News by Ava Fedorov

Last week, the website of US-based Isle of Wight was reportedly taken down by a group of hackers calling themselves “Team System Dz.” For the better part of an hour on January 16th, the website was replaced with artwork containing ominous images, allegedly of the Islamic State group, with the words “i love isis” across the top.

According to local news sources, Team System Dz has attacked hundreds of sites across the globe, ranging from public agencies to private organisations.

Officials can't confirm that the hackers were specifically targeting the country's website. Isle of Wight - the Virginia county which is named after the island in the UK - has been outsourcing its cyber-security operations to Newport News-based Vectec and are now discussing boosting its security budget, according to online media.

“Public doubt about whether government is safe can creep in after such breaches,” Darek Dabbs, chief information officer for Sera-Brynn, a Suffolk-based cyber-security firm, told local news sources. He also noted that even more than the confidence of their citizens, government site breaches put crucial information at risk of falling into malicious control, resulting in significant financial losses.

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