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GCHQ head discloses offensive cyber campaign against ISIS, lambastes Russia

GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming acknowledged that the agency recently coordinated a major cyber-offensive operation against ISIS, significantly crippling the terrorist group's ability to recruit and coordinate attacks online.

ISIS takes fight online - hundreds of US school websites redirected

Pro-ISIS hackers hijacked the websites of roughly 800 US schools and educational districts on Monday, after compromising their web hosting provider, various news outlets have reported.

[Video] Unprecedented age: Ideology, adversaries and survivability

Just as we are getting used to attackers whose motivation is primarily financial, along come a new breed of attackers who aren't interested in money, says Khaled Fattal, chairman of the MLi Group.

Cardiff resident charged with encrypting for IS

A 33-year-old man from Cardiff has been charged for allegedly teaching members of ISIS how to encrypt

Hacker pleads guilty after stealing PII on US soldiers, fed employees for ISIS

In a first of its kind case, an ISIS-linked hacker pleaded guilty to providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organisation.

ISIS radicalises 'lone wolves' through strong social media presence

The recent tragedy at the Orlando nightclub has perhaps given new meaning to a report by ICIT on how radical groups like IS use social media to radicalise potential recruits

ISIS warns members of fake apps aimed at spying on terrorist group

Tech-savvy ISIS sent out an alert that an unknown source has released fake Android apps that the terrorist group fears may be used to spy on them.

'Digital Batman' hacktivist posts video of cyber-attack on Catalan police site

Days after transferring £7,600 ($11,000) in stolen bitcoins to an anti-ISIS revolutionary group in Syria, hacktivist Phineas Fisher was at it again—defacing the website belonging to Spain's Catalan police union, and posting an online tutorial showing how it was done.

Uniting pro-ISIS hacking groups still unsophisticated, but sharpening skills, report says

Pro-ISIS hacking groups joining forces behind a super-hacker team, the United Cyber Caliphate, are sharpening their skills and showing a willingness to coordinate and amp up cyber-attacks, a new report revealed.

Anonymous once again targets ISIS following Brussels attacks

Anonymous has reportedly set its sights on ISIS following the terrorist attack on Belgium in its latest campaign dubbed "#OpBrussels.

ISIS insider breach 'reveals' personal info of 20,000 jihadist recruits

ISIS has suffered an apparent insider data breach, allowing security agencies fighting the terrorist group to gather highly useful information.

New ISIS video threatens Facebook and Twitter CEOs

ISIS has made threats to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a new video showing their photos with digitally added bullet holes.

ISIS/Daesh 'Cyber-Caliphate' migrating to new communications platform

Cyber-Caliphate announced in a post on its Telegram account on Friday that the jihadi hackers would migrate communications to Threema.

Social media and tech giants must combat online extremism better

In the past year, Islamic State (IS), formerly ISIS/ISIL, has used social media and encrypted online platforms to recruit terrorists and promote propaganda content.

ISIS hacking pro killed in drone strike

Siful Haque Sujan, one of the Islamic State's (ISIS) leading hackers, was killed in a 10 December drone strike, according to a release from US Central Command.

Baltics states to strengthen national IT security

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plan to significantly strengthen their national IT security, amid the ever growing threat from Russia and the Islamic State.

Anonymous fesses up to DDoS attacks on Turkish servers

Anonymous has admitted responsibility for a huge 40Gbps DDoS attack that took place last week on Turkish DNS Servers

ISIS vs Anonymous - and Russia?

As Anonymous squares up to take on ISIS online, western critics question the wisdom of vigilante hackivism while Russia, it would appear, is taking hackers on board in the fight against the Islamist fundamentalists.

Anonymous declares 'trolling day' on ISIS

Hacktivist collective Anonymous said it will continue its cyber-assault on ISIS, declaring Friday, 11 December, a trolling day against the terrorist group.

Iran finds, admonishes person claiming Daesh is cyber-threat

Iran Chief Brigadier General Kamal Hadianfar said at a Monday press conference that the person spreading the rumor that Daesh might poses a cyber-threat to Iran has been identified and admonished by FATA.

Japanese minister warns of ISIS attacks in the near future

Following two weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris, cabinet minister, Taro Kono, of Japan stated in an interview that his country is at risk of cyber-attacks by Daesh (ISIS)

Telegram playing cat-and-mouse game trying to curb extremeists accounts

Berlin-based secure communications app Telegram found to be playing cat-and-mouse game in a bid to curb extremists accounts.

If ISIS managed to hack UK infrastructure, what could they actually do?

Chancellor George Osborne has warned that ISIS is directing its cyber-security hacking power at key UK infrastructure facilities.

Islamic State retaliates for drone killing, leaks credentials for 54K Twitter accounts

Cyber Caliphate hacked and leaked account credentials for more than 54,000 Twitter as well as personal details on US officials.

British widow makes bid to lead ISIS hackers

US officials believe that Sally Ann Jones, former British punk rocker, is looking to run the Islamic State's hacker unit.

Proper protection of Pope Francis hopefully thwarts cyber-threats

With Pope Francis scheduled to visit New York City today, authorities are taking every precaution to increase security, cyber-space included.

ISIS plots US cyber-attack on 9/11 anniversary

Twitter accounts have claimed to be affiliated with ISIS and started the #AmericaUnderHacks hashtag, on the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.