The username and password details of 8,000 Comcast customers have been sitting unprotected online for two months.


According to a report in the New York Times, details about the customers of the US internet service providers were discovered and made available on the document sharing service Scribd, where it was viewed more than 345 times and downloaded as many as 27 times.


However Comcast has claimed that it did not believe the information came from inside the company, and pointed to duplicated data on the list and the lack of structured information such as account numbers.


Comcast spokeswoman Jennifer Khoury, said: “We have no reason to believe this came from Comcast. It looks like a phishing or related type of scheme.”


Khoury said that Comcast was freezing the email accounts of the customers on the list and contacting them to educate them about using safe passwords. She said the company would also urge them to download McAfee Security Suite, software that is made available free to all Comcast users.


She later claimed that Comcast had ‘scrubbed' the list that was on Scribd and found that around 700 names were the details of Comcast customers. The other names on the list are either not customers, duplicates or older inactive accounts.