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ISPs underestimate value of security, core demand for 71% of enterprises

There is a disconnect between how much enterprises care about Internet security and what service providers think these customers value according to a new survey by the Internet Society (IS).

Indian government and corporate credentials found for sale on DarkNet

The login credentials and other inside information of more than 6,000 Indian ISPs, government departments and businesses is being advertised for sale on DarkNet.

State surveillance tool uses ISP to deliver malware to privacy seekers

Unnamed major internet providers are reported to be the distribution route for the spread of a new variant of government spyware FinFisher (also known as FinSpy) in two countries, targeting people seeking privacy.

How secure is your localhost domain? Hint - it may not be what it says

According to the t-shirt 'There's no place like' but just how secure is this particular home? And should recommendations become instructions to end ambiguity?

South African debate on tackling cyber-crime heats up

South Africa is encouraging input into its national Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security bill designed to tackle soaring cyber-crime in the country.

TalkTalk customers urged to get routers swapped over hacker fears

ISPs urged to issue customers with new, more secure routers after security patch fails to fix flaw that would enable hackers to steal device credentials.

Dark DDoS activity to increase in the UK in 2016

The use of 'Dark DDoS' attacks used as smokescreen to distract victims from hidden activity will grow in the UK in 2016.