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Does Mosquito air-gapped computer exploit lack real-world bite?

The Cyber-Security Research centre at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel has published research demonstrating how air-gapped computer security can be bypassed using covert speaker-to-speaker.

Cellebrite reportedly can unlock every iPhone Model

Israel-based Cellebrite reportedly privately announced the capability to subvert the security of iOS 11 enabled devices including the latest iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod touch.

#OpIsrael attacks feared in response to US moving embassy to Jerusalem

Anti-Israeli factions of the Anonymous collective opposed to US Foreign policy declared that they would be launching attacks against all websites deemed to be Israeli- or US-government affiliated in their latest #OpIsrael campaign.

Did Israel deliver spyware using Adobe Flash 0-day in Word document?

A new Adobe Flash zero day exploit has been identified, reportedly used in an attack on 10 October by a threat actor known as BlackOasis and delivered through a Microsoft Word document to deploy the FinSpy commercial spyware.

Malicious websites targeting Israeli institutions- TwoFace webshell link

A webshell used to harvest credentials from an unnamed Middle Eastern organisation appears to be targeting Israeli institutions and may possibly be linked to the Iranian APT group OilRig.

UK cyber-resilience week now on, plus TeXchange with Israeli Tech Hub

Cyber resilience week is on now with a range of events promoting cyber-resilience leadership, while the same week also sees a range of Israeli cyber-security start ups offering major enterprises cyber security solutions.

The metropolis and security: Should the UK look to Israel's experience?

In addition to intrusion detection and surveillance hardware, technology decision-makers within major cities must consider additional technologies to ensure the hardware and tools themselves are protected says Maya Canetti.

Israel Cyber Week 2017: cyber beat off 1,000s of 'lone wolf attacks'

In a rare speech, Shin Bet director Nadav Argaman says the security agency he leads regularly uses technology to prevent "lone wolf attacks".

Network routers could leak data from LED lights, say Israeli researchers

Israeli scientists have demonstrated a method to steal data from common routers through blinking lights, but no known malware currently uses this vulnerability.

Israel-UK cyber-security lessons - shared concerns, shared responses

Israel is under constant threat and conscription gives its army access to its brightest students - what can the UK learn from its approach to and understanding of cyber-terrorism?

ICYMI: HMRC/DMARC; Windows Vul; UK-China; IDF hack; Vendor hid attack

In Case You Missed It: HMRC implements DMARC; Windows bug revealed; UK-China cooperation; ViperRat hacks Israeli defence; Supply-chain attack hidden

State-sponsored hackers turn to Android malware to spy on Israeli soldiers

ViperRat discovered by researchers, designed to exfiltrate data from Israeli Defence Force via Android phones using honey traps.

A step in the right direction for security in the world of IoT?

Security companies appear to have woken up to the IoT threat, as Bullguard acquires "Security of Things" company Dojo Labs and F-Secure launches an IoT security monitor.

Israeli parliament recommends creation of national cyber-authority

The Israeli Knesset waits on the passage of a bill which would see the amalgamation of Israel's cyber-defences into one central authority

Cellebrite, Israeli mobile forensics firm, reportedly assisting FBI with iPhone hack

Israeli firm Cellebrite have been named as the company the FBI are bringing in to break into Syed Rizwan Farook's iPhone

Israeli Electricity Authority was hit by ransomware, power grid not affected

Yuval Steinitz, Israel's energy minister reported Israel's Electricity Authority, the regulator of the actual Israeli power company, was hit by a 'severe' cyber-attack. The power grid itself not affected in any way.

Manual teaches IS members how to encrypt

American researchers have found an OPSEC manual circulating on Islamic State chatrooms that aims to teach militants how to encrypt their communications to professional levels.

Israel and US issue joint statement on cyber-security coordination

The US Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, traveled to Israel this past week to discuss the cyber-security challenges facing both countries.

Russia and Israel cooperate to fight cyber-terrorism

Russia and Israel have reached an agreement on the design of a package of measures aimed at more actively fighting cyber-terrorism and reducing cyber-threats.