Israeli government impacted by hackers on multiple fronts

News by Ava Fedorov

Early last Friday morning, the official website of Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, was taken down by hacktivists in protest at the Gaza attacks. Allegedly the result of efforts by the Anonymous group, as part of its vow to “stand in solidarity” under the banner #OpSaveGaza, Moussad's site was felled by a massive DDoS strike, rendering the website useless for an extended period.

Meanwhile, the BBC released a report confirming that hackers breached multiple Israeli government-owned sites, stealing data on highly classified military technology, including that of the iron dome and arrow III missles, as well as deactivating security software and gaining access to authentication data and passwords.  

Though denial of the breach has been strong, the highly sophisticated APT attacks have been linked to China. According to CyberESI's detailed analysis of the events, originally dating back as early as 2013, “the nature of exfiltrated data and the industry that these companies are involved in suggests that the Chinese hackers were after information related to Israel's all-weather air defence system called Iron Dome."

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