There is a continuous struggle between IT departments and boards of directors who want to use the cloud, as well as personal devices for business purposes.

Speaking at the Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE) Conference in Brussels, Tim Van Honste, security sales specialist for Symantec, said that with 80 per cent of new applications deployed in the cloud and more and more often built by third parties, better solutions are needed for connection.

He said that with 52 per cent of users using more than three devices, there is a "continuous struggle between users and IT departments". He said: “More and more people are buying devices themselves. If a company needs to buy a tablet for each employee it is a huge cost and they have to manage it. This trend is more and more present with personally owned devices and this is an evolution that will not stop. Companies buy space in the cloud but this means that the source code of company, the crown jewels, is in the cloud.

“More and more organisations are taking decisions without IT knowing it and all of sudden IT are informed that they have to set up a link as the business has signed a contract with a customer relationship manager software platform.”

He later said that many questions are asked on cloud and mobile, and they can be managed and controlled with policies and access.

“Extend and enforce your polices as many are just thought of, and you need to extend them as new technology will allow you to do this, he said.

“Also manage devices and content, they can be secure as anti-malware exists, so use it. Also secure your data as your infrastructure is important; if your server blows up will you be up and running in a couple of minutes, hours or days depending on infrastructure? We are talking about protecting your data, in use, at rest or data in motion.”

He concluded by recommending securing access by assigning devices to users and providing single sign-on authentication technology, so users do not have to use a post-it note or an Excel spreadsheet to remember each login that each cloud provider requires.

Van Honste said: “Embrace with confidence the cloud and mobile explosion – everything out there. The cyber risks are infinite but I am sure your budgets are not.”