August 2007 Issue of SCMagazine UK

August 2007 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine August 2007


Editorial: Don't invite fraudster's into your gang

My social networking has recently become a whole lot more active. This is due to the number of email invitations I've had to become friends ...


Pen testing: How to ensure effective testing

Finding potential weaknesses in your systems before someone else does can save you a lot of trouble. Just follow Rob Buckley's top tips.

Incident prevention: Analyse this

Behavioural analysis can alert you to suspicious or abnormal actions before data is lost, but be ready for false alarms. By Barry Mansfield.

Interview: Alex and Nicko van Someren

Shared values, an entrepreneurial spirit and a touch of sibling rivalry have led the brothers behind nCipher to success. Paul Fisher reports.


The End: Consolidate to reduce risk

Manage risk by keeping compliance information in one place, advises Stephen Hall.

A lesson from the PCI

A benchmark that provides a checklist to tell you if your security meets requirements is just what we need.

Prioritise before you mend

Time is critical when it comes to patches, so make sure you don't miss out on any critical releases.

How many errors are OK?

Intel's latest processor has triggered a debate about the reliability of hardware. Where do you stand?