July 2008 Issue of SCMagazine UK

July 2008 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine July 2008


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The editorial space has shrunk this month to allow some space to promote our new-look website. We have given the site a makeover and a ...


Interview: Matt Moynahan

The youthful president and CEO of Veracode tells Paul Fisher why SaaS is the only way forward for vulnerability scanning

NAC: Growing pains

Network access control is a sound concept, if you do all the necessary preparation and ignore the marketing hype. Mark Mayne reports

Web 2.0: Sign up for Enterprise 2.0

Simply blocking applications means disgruntled staff and missed opportunities. Businesses need to change tack. By Barry Mansfield


The numbers game

A flaw in Debian has shown that random numbers are not as random as you think. So take care when reviewing code

A Flash in the pan?

A recent Flash Player vulnerability shows exploits have reached alarming new heights of sophistication

Legal matters: Beware the enemy within

Put policies in place that prevent staff leaving with your entire database, says Frank Jennings

If it's broken, fix it

We can no longer pretend that information security is working in its current form. So let's change it