May 2015 Issue of SCMagazine UK

May 2015 Issue of SCMagazine UK

Ruth Davis talks to SC about the cyber-security sector's crucial support infrastructure; what to do before, during, and after a DDoS attack; the results of the SC Magazine salary survey. Plus, authentication products.

Group Test

Deepnet Security DualShield v5.8.1

DualShield is an enterprise-grade, unified, multifactor authentication platform that protects all commonly used business applications with a large selection of multifactor authentication methods.


DIGIPASS 760 is a trusted hardware device for visual transaction-signing that creates a secure optical communication channel between the end-user (client) and the organisation (server).

Entrust IdentityGuard

Entrust IdentityGuard is a dual-factor authentication server, app, smart card manager, biometrics server and general jack-of-all-trades when it comes to dual-factor authentication.

Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service

SafeNet Authentication Service is a cloud-based authentication service that uses a wide range of tokens and custom agents to support multifactor authentication to include one-time ...

Imation IronKey F200 Flash Drive

The Imation IronKey F200 Flash Drive is a simple, easy to set up and extremely secure device for users who need to transport confidential data ...

Cyphercor LoginTC

LoginTC from Cyphercor is a cloud-based solution that uses a mobile device or a desktop for authentication. It has easy-to-use iOS, Android and Chrome desktop ...

PistolStar PortalGuard

PortalGuard is a multifactor authentication, web-based single sign-on (SSO) through internet information services (IIS) and self-service password reset server and application rolled into one.

RSA Authentication Manager

The RSA Authentication Manager is a dual-factor authentication system designed from the ground up for enterprise deployment.

SecureAuth IdP

SecureAuth IdP is an identity provider – with a unique approach to securing user access control.

Swivel Secure Swivel Appliance

The Swivel Appliance is a competitive solution for two-factor authentication methods for clients searching for a secure product.


2 minutes on: UK bangs the drum for cyber-insurance

Cyber-insurance is the new go-to for large corporations trying to defend themselves from data breaches, but the UK is lagging behind - and that is ...


Bursaries in cyber-security at Lancaster University

Cyber security bursaries offered by Raytheon

Defence from denial of service

Kate O'Flaherty reports how distributed denial of service attacks are growing in size and scale, making it important to know what to do before, during ...

With a little help from my friends

Rapid expansion of the cyber-security sector has meant that government agencies and international professional organisations don't meet all of the industry's changing demands and it ...

SC Magazine UK's salary survey: how much are you worth?

SC Magazine's salary survey shows that in response to the current skills shortages, the money is rolling in for information security professionals.

Infosec Europe 2015 preview

Now in its 20th year, the event's theme is "Intelligent Security: Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover."

Delivering digital services: SC Roundtable report

The public sector is being asked to deliver its services digitally, with availability and reliability just as important as security, as our experts agreed at ...


Last word: prepare for the end - of MS Extended Support

MS Windows 2003 servers (WS2003) reach end of life on 15th July 2015 - but don't panic! They'll still operate in the same way, but ...

Debate: is your money safe online?

Jen Andre and Cameron Camp debate online financial security