November 2007 Issue of SCMagazine UK

November 2007 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine November 2007


Editorial: Welcome to a regenerated city

There is a clear message to be taken from the decision to bring the previously itinerant RSA Conference Europe to a new and permanent home ...


MSSPs: Find the perfect partner

So you've decided to outsource your security function. But how do you choose the provider that's right for you? Barry Mansfield reports.

RFID: Follow the chip

From passports to supermarket shopping, RFID is making inroads into our daily lives. Mark Mayne looks behind the big brother myths.

Interview: Adrian Chamberlain and Jos White

MessageLab's CEO and co-founder are determined to get a bigger slice of the American pie. Paul Fisher meets two men on a mission.


Too high a price to pay?

The arrival of the iPhone could signal the beginning of the end for consumer choice.

Legal matters: The crime that wasn't?

Many people see piggybacking as a harmless way to get free WiFi. But it is against the law.

I search therefore I am ..

Yet another politician has suggested that blocking the web can save us from terrorists. If only life was that simple.

Service not included

From keycards to mini bars, modern technology has equipped hotel rooms with multiple vulnerabilities.