November 2014 Issue of SCMagazine UK

November 2014 Issue of SCMagazine UK

This issue reflects on an eventful 2014 and looks ahead to a promising 2015 for IT security. We also delve into The National Cyber Crime Unit and the European Cybercrime Centre's efforts to thwart the evolving threat of cybercrime.

Group Test

Barracuda Web Application Firewall Model 660

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall is a hardware-based device which is used to monitor, assess and remediate web-based application vulnerabilities.

Fortinet FortiDB 1000D

The FortiDB 1000D is a hardware appliance that monitors, audits and identifies vulnerabilities in databases. There are three deployment options: network sniffer, native audit and ...

Identity Finder Sensitive Data Manager

Sensitive Data Manager ties discovery to business issues making classification easier and more relevant.

CA Data Protection Classification

This is a clean product with a well thought-out goal and a well-executed solution. It is part of the overall CA suite of access control ...

Boldon James Classifier

Allows users to apply relevant visual and metadata labels.

TITUS Classification Suite

Provides classification for data, largely in a Microsoft environment, plus mobile environments.

RiskIQ Platform

Threat protection centered outside the firewall.

RSA Web Threat Detection

Detects anomalous behaviour on websites.

IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Criminal Detection

Account takeover detection and prevention.

White Ops Advanced

Provides evidence-based bot and malware detection with high certainty, in real-time, on any browser-based web request.



'Every day is a challenge' - Inside Europol's fight against cybercrime

Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) is growing faster than expected. Doug Drinkwater visited its offices in The Hague, Netherlands, to find out how it is ...

Cybercrime: the new normal

In an interview with SC's Tony Morbin, the NCCU's Jamie Saunders explained how 'policing by consent' contends with the tidal wave of new criminal opportunities ...

Security in 2015: Biometrics

While biometric technology is becoming more sophisticated, it is still far from infallible. Kate O'Flaherty reports

2015: Prime time for information security?

Further data breaches, Heartbleed-type flaws and new revelations about government surveillance will likely continue in 2015 but, as Doug Drinkwater reports, it could also prove ...

Making waves and headlines: 2014 in review

2014 was the year that cyber-security hit the headlines, with data breaches, more government surveillance leaks, and celebrity exposures causing the UK public to lose ...


Protecting the Crown Jewels

Despite the value of critical enterprise data, many organisations are not aware of what their 'crown jewels' information is, says Carmina Lees, director of security ...

2 MINUTES ON: 'Cybercrime-as-a-service'

Doug Drinkwater takes a two minute look at cybercrime-as-a-service, the new business model for hackers