October 2007 Issue of SCMagazine UK

October 2007 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine October 2007


Editorial: Banking on human behaviour

By its very nature, selling loans is a risky business. You may not get your money back, or you may run out of funds with ...


Storage: Locked up

Faced with ever more data to be kept, tougher regulations and high-profile security breaches, it's time to rethink storage.

Briefing: Israel - Focus on the future

Born out of the need to protect the country, the Israeli infosec industry is emerging as a global leader.

Interview: Adrian Asher

Betfair's global head of security seems to have it all: bosses who listen, resources most of us can only dream of, and youth.


Professional Monitor in association with (ISC)2

When it comes to professional development, it pays to give people choices, says George Hazell.

Weathering the storm

Life keeps getting more dificult for information security researchers - and it's not all down to the bad guys.

Kill deleted data for good

We spend a lot of time trying to secure mobile devices, but what about the removable storage cards they contain?

Sit back and do nothing

Our instinct is to fix bugs when we come across them, but sometimes that can cause more harm than good.