A Canadian IT company has been hit with a $52,359.59 phone bill after a hacker used the firm to make calls to Bulgaria.


Alan Davison, of Winnipeg-based HUB Computer Solutions, contacted Manitoba Telecom Services when he noticed that there was an unusual code that appeared on his office phone display. A representative told him that there was a high volume of calls attributed to his company's account and advised him to call the company's fraud division.


Davison was shocked to discover that calls had been made to Bulgaria between 21 November and 9 December. While the calls have been stopped, MTS is insisting that HUB pay up for the calls that the Bulgarian made before he was discovered.


The hacker dialled into the phone systems, hit voice mail, and worked out a way to get to the mailbox and once inside, he could call anyone.


Davidson said while he could not hold MTS 100 per cent responsible for the thieves breaking into the telephone system, the company should make the business/public community aware of this ongoing criminal activity and the threat it poses to their livelihoods.