Plan B DR has launched an IT disaster recovery and backup service for virtualisation.


Developed specifically for the mid-market, it uses its server image capture and physical to virtual conversion technology to create virtual machine copies of a company's servers that can be simply booted up that makes recovery almost immediate.


It employs an intelligent snapshotting appliance that plugs into a company's network and automatically takes copies of its IT systems. The copies are sent securely to a Plan B DR data centre, where physical to virtual conversion technology ensures that they run on the virtualised servers.


The appliance also keeps past snapshots as a local backup, the system also tests every new rescue image daily to ensure that it will work when a customer needs it.


All transmitted data is protected by strong encryption and PKI technologies. Plan B DR's resilient systems run from secure modern data centres in low risk locations that offer at least full N+1 facilities.


Tim Dunger, operations director at Plan B DR said: “Traditionally, SME-size companies have faced enormous costs and inflexible regimes to implement effective IT disaster recovery provisions. Many have therefore been forced to settle for a mere plan of actions or ineffective options which may in reality do little to reduce their risks.


“We re-thought the processes and procedures behind traditional disaster recovery and saw virtualisation technology as the catalyst for change as it breaks the link between a system's software layer and the costly hardware it runs on. The Plan B service uses virtualisation to simplify, automate and radically change the cost structure of a disaster recovery provision.