Following today's celebration of the 10,000th Apprentice in Technology, A-level students in the UK are now turning their attention to their confirmed degree and how they can end up in the profession that they aspire.

PCMS will continue its 2016 programme for graduates in IT in hopes to break into one of the UK's most exciting and cutting-edge sectors.

The IT and management graduate courses offer candidates the opportunity to experience real responsibility and growth within their roles and reflect the company's promise to work with young employees to effectively build their careers. Each course will provide structured training and development focused on business and personal skills.

“We offer local graduates the opportunity to work across leading retail technology designed to service the whole of the sector, and to be part of a team that helps retailers to bridge the gap between the physical and online shopping worlds,” said Elaine Rowlands, head of HR at PCMS.

“Our programmes reflect our belief that investment in employees begins in the first day of training, and are ideal for both technical graduates looking to secure a role within a programming or developing environment and business students who are flexible about their career path and want to experience a range of opportunities.”

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