Half of CIOs and IT directors acknowledge that the integration of personal and business IT requirements was necessary for the future of their organisation.

A survey of 300 CIOs and IT directors by Absolute Software found that 49 per cent of respondents view consumerisation in their organisation as inevitable, while 64 per cent believe the integration of personal devices is too great a risk to the enterprise.

Only 15 per cent of organisations have responded to consumerisation with an all-out ban. John Livingston, CEO at Absolute Software, described this as "a tidal wave" with businesses largely unable to stop employees from bringing their own devices to work.

He said: “More and more employees expect to be able to use their personal devices for work, whether it's to access the network and business emails through their smartphone or viewing company information on a tablet.

“However, auditing and managing, let alone securing, employee-owned devices across a whole host of operating platforms presents a huge challenge for IT departments, so it comes as no surprise that CIOs have concerns about integration.

“While companies need to uphold their employees' right to privacy, it's imperative that corporate and customer data remains protected. IT departments need to be able to appropriately monitor and control the content that employees can access through their personal devices.

“The ability to set perimeters around access, storage and sharing of corporate information via these devices will go a long way in defending the organisation against security risks.”

The research found that it was employees who were most consistently given responsibility for the content on devices. It found that employees were responsible for the content on their corporate devices at 31 per cent of organisations, while 18 per cent of companies had no policies in place to manage use of personal devices or their access to company information.

Stephen Midgley, vice-president of global marketing at Absolute Software, said: “For an IT professional it is better to know what is connecting and embrace it as there will be more Android devices and it will get more complicated. You need an IT policy that enforces how devices are managed.”

Absolute Software recently launched AbsoluteManage 6.0, an endpoint management solution for mobile kit that creates a secure work application on devices.