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Fear of system compromise up some 50% among IT pros as perimeter dissolves

Concerns around compromise increase among IT pros in the face of major breaches at even the most security aware organisations, highlighting muddled responses to softening perimeter.

Seal Software appoints David Gingell, CMO and Rich Bohne, CRO

Seal Software has appointed senior executives David Gingell as chief marketing officer and Rich Bohne as chief revenue officer.

74% of IT pros work unpaid overtime each week

Nearly three-quarters of IT pros work unpaid overtime each week, with 34 percent working more than 15 hours extra.

TP-Link appoints Will Liu to UK general manager

Will Liu has been appointed as UK general manager at TP-Link.

Retailers overconfident in identifying and remediating cyber-attacks

Despite unique attacks on their sector, IT professionals in retail are overconfident in their ability to quickly collect data needed to identify and remediate cyber-attacks.

Nuix appoints Nick Pollard to security & intelligence principal in EMEA

Nick Pollard has been appointed to security & intelligence principal in EMEA at Nuix.

PAV i.t. appoints Claire Berry to service operations manager

Claire Berry has been appointed as a service operations manager at PAV i.t.

Calix appoints Bernd Hesse as senior director, technology development

Bernd Hesse has been appointed as senior director, technology development at Calix, Inc.

FireMon appoints Paul Calatayud as CTO

Paul Calatayud has been appointed as chief technology officer at FireMon.

Mishcon de Reya appoints Joe Hancock as cyber-security lead

Joe Hancock has been appointed as cyber-security lead at law firm Mishcon de Reya.

Tim Erridge appointed to director of advisory and Peter Barbour promoted to head of response at Context Information Security

Context Information Security has appointed Tim Erridge to director of advisory and Peter Barbour to head of response.

The Internet of Things, cyber-security and the role of the CIO

Andy Taylor discusses how CIOs can tackle the problems with IoT security and what precautions they could be taking.

Post-Quantum appoints Tom Glocer as strategy adviser

Tom Glocer, former CEO of Thomson Reuters, has been appointed as a strategy adviser at Post-Quantum.

Cyber-Security Month: It's time to champion cyber-security jobs

Ahead of Cyber-Security Month in October, we spoke to Ben Goodson, recruitment sales manager at SC Jobs, about IP Expo and the hottest jobs in the sector

Joe Jeffers and Matt Faulker join the board at Taylor Made Computer Solutions

Chairman and founder Nigel Taylor is back up and running Taylor Made Computer Solutions.

Only 10% of the global cyber-security workforce are women

The cyber-security industry suffers from a lack of gender diversity with an estimated 10 percent of the global information security workforce being women.

FinalCode opens new London office; Jo Below appointed as managing director, Europe

FinalCode has announced the opening of a new regional headquarters to be based in London. The company also appointed Jo Below as managing director, Europe.

Mike Chadwick appointed as VP of engineering and cloud operations at Acronis

Acronis has appointed Mike Chadwick as VP of engineering and cloud operations.

Authlogics appoints Kamber Devjianie to global account manager

Kamber Devjianie has been appointed to global account manager at Authlogics.

Julie Jamsa appointed to VP of Generali Global Assistance's service delivery for identity and digital protection services global unit

Generali Global Assistance has appointed Julie Jamsa as VP, service delivery for the company's identity and digital protection services global unit.

Jobs for IT pros in the UK saw significant 15% uptick in July

Demand for IT professionals saw a significant uptick in July following the Brexit vote.

Code42 appoints Nic Scott to managing director for UK and Ireland

Nic Scott has been appointed to managing director for the UK and Ireland at Code42.

Niu Solutions team gains nine new members

Niu Solutions has acquired new talent in the business development and information security departments.

IT security pros compromise ethics and mostly 'fire-fight', not do security work

Over a quarter (28 percent) of cyber-security professionals compromise their ethics to pass audits, likely due to growing network complexity and disparate technology, security and more to keep cyber-criminals at bay.

Majority of British IT companies invest in staff training and exams

Most UK employers in the IT sector invest in their employees by paying for training and certification exams.

IT pros priorities, in order: 1) Work, 2) Family

Almost two thirds of IT professionals put work before family commitments and have missed important family occasions such as weddings and funerals in order to resolve work issues.