Construction and property firm calfordseaden has cut its security administration time by 99 per cent through using Sophos web and email appliances.

The ES1000 protects calfordseaden's gateway from threats sent via email, as well as spam, phishing and data leakage. The Sophos WS1000 web appliance defends against web attacks and to control how employees use the internet.

Administrators can set policies pertaining to the way content is regulated and accessed, limiting the distribution of sensitive information to those not authorised to see it. It can also prevent employees from surfing the web and opening infected pages (SophosLabs discovers 15,000 newly-infected web pages on average daily, most of which are on genuine sites).

Both applications were installed at calfordseaden's IT centre in Docklands, London, from where IT expert Sophos maintains the security of the network, which is used by 240 employees across the UK.

Neil Barnes, network support officer at calfordseaden, said: “Our previous email security solution was proving difficult to administer and costs were spiralling due to the hours we were wasting on managing security.

“Since switching to Sophos's appliances the IT team has cut its security administration time by 99 per cent, leaving more time to deal with other non-security issues. Since our employees now rarely receive any spam in their inboxes, users are safe from the dangers of malicious or inappropriate links.”