Security tests will commence this month on the IT infrastructure for next year's Olympics hosted in Beijing.

The Olympics’ system, which will relay event results and information to spectators and media, was completed by IT consulting firm Atos Origin last month.

The IT services firm started the work in 2004 and facilities, including a technology operation centre, data centre and integration lab, are now fully functioning.

The testing will consist of a dummy-run of 500 worst-case scenarios, such as virus infections and data theft.

"Testing is one of the most critical steps in preparing the technology for the Olympic Games," said Jeremy Hore, chief integrator for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Atos Origin.

"Testing started last year in the Integration Testing Lab, located in Beijing. In this lab, there are more than 100 people examining the key systems. This month Atos Origin will begin checking the technology at competition venues, and will then load the architecture to ensure it can support the Games’ requirements."

The technical infrastructure will link together more than 60 competition and non-competition venues across China, consisting of more than 900 servers, 7000 computers and 1000 network and security devices.

The Beijing 2008 Organising Committee (BOCOG) need a security blueprint one year in advance of the games to meet the implementation and multiple testing phases that follow to ensure the IT systems are fully functional.