To prove that insurance is sometimes worth considering, I recently spoke with a computer services company who deployed software which recently proved its worth.

Paul Tomlinson, managing director at Mirus IT Solutions, told me he had deployed software from IT automation company Kaseya four years ago and last week the company suffered a break-in which saw four customer laptops stolen.

Tomlinson said: “Our Kaseya setting takes a screen shot every five minutes and sends it back to us, so it is not too resource hungry. After the break-in at 4.149am, the computer was turned on at 4.30pm and we saw the user go to eBay, Facebook and use online banking, so we knew their name, phone number and address.

“We sent this to the police who arrested three people. So far we have recovered one laptop while police recovered a lot more too, so from the loss of four we recovered one, but if they turn on any of the laptops we have a chance of finding them.”

Tomlinson told me that the laptop ended up only two miles from the company's managed offices in Milton Keynes, but felt that without the Kaseya capabilities the laptops would have been lost.

“Kaseya sends an image which we use as a way to examine scripts, we have been using it for almost four years and we looked at the product for our managed service space. It has benefited us with the stolen laptops but it can be used for more in the future,” he said.