According to a survey of IT workers by Unite, 62 per cent of respondents felt they did not receive the necessary training to keep their skills up, with only 15 per cent saying that they were satisfied with the training provided by their employer.

The survey of just under 400 employees working for IT and communications companies including Accenture, Apple, Ericsson, HP, Fujitsu Services, IBM and TCS also revealed that over 90 per cent of respondents felt that forced ranking had a negative or very negative effect on team working.

Peter Skyte, national officer for Unite, said: “In such a fast moving sector, the fact that almost two-thirds of people felt they did not receive the necessary training to keep up their skills is deeply worrying. UK workers will lose out unless they can compete in a global IT market. Employers must do more to keep their employees skills up to date.

“In addition, we were surprised at the extent of pre-determined performance distribution and overwhelmingly this is regarded as impacting on team working in a negative way. Whilst people were fairly satisfied with the approach of their line manager, our survey suggests that many employees are dissatisfied with how performance is managed and assessed by employers.”