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Improving poor IT security and data compliance needn't be hard

If your company doesn't have the internal resources and IT expertise to ensure IT systems are secure and up-to-date then you have the option of outsourcing IT at a reasonable price to a managed services provider.

Closing the skills gap: making the most of hybrid IT

To realise the full benefits of a hybrid IT, organisations need comprehensive monitoring solution & foundational skills like DART (discover, alert, remediate, and troubleshoot) & SOAR (secure, optimise, alert, and report) frameworks.

Forget the IT skills gap, IT skills wastage is a bigger issue!

IT departments spend too much time handling avoidable IT issues, reacting to unplanned incidents or handling IT issues that can, in most cases, be foreseen and automated such as provisioning and deprovisioning employees.

Despite poor IT visibility, HR apps are the most highly used cloud services

Despite a lack of appropriate visibility and control measures in place, cloud-based HR applications are now the most highly used cloud applications across organisations, with 139 such apps being used by organisations on average.

Thales Data Threat Report: Increased security spend - in the wrong place

Some 78 percent of organisations polled The Thales 2018 Data Threat Report plan on increasing their IT security spending in 2018, up from 73 percent globally in 2017, and including nearly 86 percent of US organisations.

Enter boardroom, set hair on fire. How not to tackle incident response

Event anomalies can be an indicator of attack, but they can also just be an IT problem. New research suggests the latter might be more common than you think.

Not-for-profit Open Bug Bounty announces 100K fixed vulnerabilities

The not for profit bug bounty hunters of Open Bug Bounty recently announced its number of recorded bug bounties had reached 100,000 and it had completed the revision of its internal process to comply with ISO 29147 standards.

Security shortage forces CISOs to increase reliance on machine learning

With enterprises struggling with a massive shortage of experienced cyber-security professionals, today's CISOs are placing more faith in machine learning which they believe will be important to their IT security functions.

£12m pa - the hidden costs of maintaining endpoint security solutions

Enterprises across the globe are now investing heavily in licensing and deployment of endpoint security solutions to protect their IT systems but fail to spot hidden costs of human skills and effort required.

96% of organisations hit in email attacks in the second half of 2017

96 percent of organisations were targeted by Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks in the second half of 2017, primarily because such attacks did not include malicious payloads or attachments.

Half of IT professionals question the safety of their personal data

IT decision makers across Europe are worried about how many organisations can access their personal data and have low levels of trust in the IT security capabilities of their industry peers.

Study: Organisations suffer critical & costly IT incidents 5 times a month

Organisations experience a critical IT incident five times per month, with each costing £108,000, according to a new report based on a study conducted by research firm Quocirca on behalf of big-data company Splunk.

From cyber-crime to human error: The rise of software failures

Phil Codd says software failures caused US$ 1.1 tn losses to businesses in 2016, demonstrating that it is time to pay attention to the main causes of IT system failures or risk financial loss and reputational damage.

Ransomware - no excuse for sticking your head in the sand!

Ransomware: "what are your IT team and 3rd party suppliers doing about it?" asks Ken Gilmour. Do they have back-up processes that isolates business critical data for fast recovery? Are they responsive when it comes to patching?

4SICS: surprise surprise, ICS melding with IT to bring a whole host of issues

Vidar Hedtjarn Swaling, analyst for the societal security and safety department at the Swedish Defence Research Agency announced his department's research into how ageing is regarded, and dealt with, in the area of industrial control systems.

Is the IT industry to blame for the success of Point-of-Sale malware?

Eddie Bauer is the latest in an alarmingly long, and growing, list of data breach victims hit by PoS malware

Restoring faith in the IT department

Rick Orloff highlights the importance of trust between IT and employees, and how to restore it in the wake of the current cyber-crime climate, including communicating that you understand user concerns..

Russia, France and Germany to cooperate against international terrorism?

Russia has officially proposed it join forces with France and Germany to design new IT security technologies that could be used in the fight against international terrorists.

IT's vital role protecting company info

A global study by Iron Mountain and PwC that surveyed 1,800 senior business leaders in Europe and North America shows that just 46 percent of senior executives are allowed access to valuable company information.