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Half of UK orgs feel they lack skills to mitigate cyber-threats

Nearly half of UK organisations (47 percent) feel they have insufficient skills in-house to deal with the current cyber-threat landscape.

69% of office professionals in the UK hoard data

Over three-quarters (77 percent) of IT decision makers worldwide are now more concerned about the impact of data hoarding than they were a year ago.

70% of IDTMs want UK gov to do more so young people enter tech field

Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of UK IT decision makers believe STEM and the need for young IT talent are one of the main technology issues for enterprises in 2017.

Organisations not confident about complying with EU regulation

Seven out of 10 IT decision makers say that data protection is a priority for their organisation, but only 26 percent say they are confident about complying with current EU legislation.

82% of global IT pros admit to a shortage of cyber-security skills

On a global scale, the UK IT industry is the least satisfied with its education system. Only 14 percent of UK IT decision makers (ITDMs) feel that the UK education system fully prepares professionals for the cyber-security industry.

Breached perimeter defences ruin security confidence for most ITDMs

Most organisations do not possess confidence in their ability to protect data after experiencing a data breach. One third have experienced a data breach in the past year.

Restoring faith in the IT department

Rick Orloff highlights the importance of trust between IT and employees, and how to restore it in the wake of the current cyber-crime climate, including communicating that you understand user concerns..