IT service management is seen as a necessary evil by board members of half of medium to enterprise sized organisations.


According to research by LogLogic, 44 per cent of organisations surveyed see ITSM as a costly tick in the box exercise and a necessary evil. While a further 13 per cent felt that senior management were not even aware of what it was.


Despite these results, companies did know what they wanted to achieve through ITSM, as most wanted to create better controls and increase visibility into IT for regulatory compliance while others wanted to reduce IT costs while maintaining quality. Improving communication flow was the most important for 20 per cent while reducing labour wastage was named by 13 per cent.


Surprisingly eight per cent said that despite implementing ITSM, they were unaware of what they wanted to achieve and said that it was a directive set by senior management.


Pat Sueltz, CEO at LogLogic, said: “The survey results indicate that is quite clear senor management and in some isolated cases, the IT department, are largely unaware of the key business drivers ITSM can deliver.


“As referenced by a quarter of respondents, ITSM can greatly assist organisations to become more efficient and secure though processes and controls. As a result, it aids compliance – something 90 per cent of respondents said was important to their business.


“With over half (52 per cent) of respondents investing in six months or longer to implement an ITSM framework and 42 per cent taking three to six months (the remainder doing it in less than three months – just six per cent), it's no small investment from a time, cost and resource perspective. It's therefore critical that the outcome/results are measurable. However even this seems beyond most IT departments' reach.”