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Mobile ransomware & banking malware thrive as hackers put focus on mobile

Security patches introduced by Apple and Google reduced instances of jailbreaking and minimised firmware flaws, but the use of mobile ransomware, banking malware, and malicious apps by cyber-criminals shot through the roof in 2017.

Story behind how low-level Apple employee leaked iBoot source code

Much like a horror movie in which a close nit group of friends steal something for a good time only to open Pandora's Box, the story behind how Apple's iBoot source code leaked plays out similar to the plot of 28 Days Later.

Jailbreaking: the corporate price of employee 'phone freedom'

David Cohen explores the cause and impact of jailbreaking and provokes some best practice to help the C-Suite get on top of the pervasive and risky behaviour.

Updated: YiSpecter malware targets non-jailbroken iOS devices

Iphone malware around for ten months and over 100 apps compromised

ICYMI: Masterful Shifu, wake-up call, KeyRaiders, pre-empt EU and scanning Android apps

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): IBM warning over masterful Shifu, Carphone Warehouse attack was a wake-up call, KeyRaider targets jailbroken iPhones, pre-empt the EU and safeguard data now, and thousands of vulnerable Android apps found with new scanner.

The 5 most read articles this week: August 22 to 28

Here are the five most popular articles, as read by you the reader, in the week for August 22 to 28.

Jailbroken devices are a threat to the enterprise

First step, identify jailbroken devices on your network, says Vince Arneja, then alter data processing and execution modes to protect your data.

RSA 2014: Touchlogging the new attack vector for mobile hackers

Two senior security researchers have detailed how hackers can use "touchlogging" attack techniques to take control of iOS and Android devices.

First iOS 7 jailbreak puts business at risk

The first jailbreak for Apple's iOS7 has emerged, posing a security risk for businesses that operate a 'bring your own device' (BYOD) policy.

Companies warned on dangers of Android...and iPhone too

Massive Android botnet discovered, as APWG chairman warns on dangers of jailbroken iPhones.