Based on global trends, global security strategist and threat researcher, David Manky from Fortinet, has encouraged local IT personnel and policymakers in Jamaica to begin putting the threat of cyber-attacks higher on the nation's agenda.

Manky spoke at a Digicel business roundtable along with some of Jamaica's top chief information officers from private sector and government on 7 October in New Kingston. He advised that as many considered cost to be a restraint for investing in cyber-security, the cost for dealing with implications beyond repair of cyber-crime would be more hurtful for economies.

“We must remember that cyber-crime has no boundaries, so Jamaica is not immune. The global problem of cyber-crime is pegged anywhere between US$ 400 billion (£259 billion) and US$ 600 billion (£388 billion). If you're thinking about the return on investment, some of the big breaches that happen with customer data have cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars. It does not cost that much to invest in cyber-security,” said Manky.

Ative Ennis, head of enterprise solutions at Digicel Business, commented, “In addition to continuously sourcing the most advanced cyber-security solution sets for our customers, we want to ensure that they are fully aware of the cyber-crime trends that are prevalent in the world today.”

Dr Louis Shallal, new CIO to the Jamaican government made note that his main thrust has always been how to implement cyber-security solutions and developing the country's strategy. Shallal commented that it's important for service providers and clients to have a good understanding of one another's capabilities.