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ParseDroid vulnerabilities could affect all Android developers

Checkpoint researchers discovered several vulnerabilities in Android application developer tools that put any organisation that does Java/Android development at risk of an outsider gaining access to their system.

PC users improve software patching yet challenges remain

UK PC users are making progress when it comes to patching software vulnerabilities, however big challenges still remain.

Warnings over Node.js flaw that could lead to DoS attacks

Node.js admits to two critical security flaws but delays patching

Java drives new cross-platform DDoS bot malware

"This is more proof that the Apple Mac is nowhere near as resilient to attacks as people think it is" - Nigel Stanley, Incoming Thought analyst

Potentially major XSS/JavaScript flaw found in Office 365

Microsoft Office 365's security outlook: cloudy

Corporate Android users face flaw affecting billions of devices

Corporate Android mobile phone users are warned that potentially billions of apps running on these devices could be hijacked by attackers using a vulnerability first highlighted over two years ago.

Android and Java head-up weakspots

Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report launched

Yahoo-culprit Java targeted as Oracle promises 147 security fixes

Patch Tuesday sees major slew of vulnerabilities to be fixed visitors infected by malware-ridden ads

Hundreds of thousands of visitors to the website may have encountered malware from the website's own advertising servers, according to security experts.

Java vulnerabilities on Oracle highlighted

Oracle say 12 of the new vulnerabilities identified in Java could allow full take-over of a device if left unfixed.

Users do not apply Java patch despite its availability

A recent Java update was only downloaded by seven per cent of users.

Oracle makes plans for Java security

Oracle has said that making Java more secure is a priority, as it lines up regular patch updates.

Facebook attacked via external devices and blames Java zero-day

Facebook has blamed a Java zero-day for a recent attack.

Java security lead admits problems in platform and need to improve communications

After a widely reported zero-day vulnerability affecting Java and another rumoured to be trading for $5,000, Oracle has admitted that there has been a 'relative silence on the issue' around Java security.

New zero-day emerges in Java, just four days after previous flaw was patched

Just days after patching the zero-day vulnerability in Java, Oracle is facing another known exploit with an underground price tag of $5,000.

Oracle to issue Java patch following US Homeland Security warning

Oracle has announced a security update for the zero-day flaw in Java that was widely reported last week that will be released soon.

Qualys launches business edition of BrowserCheck download

Qualys has launched a business version of its BrowserCheck plug-in to help users identify and fix browser security issues.