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Pair of WordPress plug-ins inject malicious scripts to deliver unwanted ads

Two malicious plug-ins were recently discovered injecting obfuscated JavaScript into WordPress websites to generate advertisements that appear if a visitor clicks anywhere on the page.

Researchers spot uptick in phishing cyber-attacks leveraging WSF files

Symantec researchers noted an uptick in phishing email attacks using malicious WSF attachments to infect users with ransomware.

New RAA ransomware written in JavaScript discovered

A new variety of ransomware called RAA has been discovered that has the somewhat unusual attribution of being coded in JavaScript instead of one of the more standard programming languages making it more effective in certain situations.

Ransomware created using only JavaScript discovered

Security researchers have unearthed new ransomware that has been created only using JavaScript.

Web app attacks are on the rise, but money is tight for developers

Cyber-attacks against web applications are increasing, yet security budgets for developers remain low.

Developer's 11 lines of deleted code 'breaks the internet'

Web development around the world was disrupted when a 28-year-old man deleted 11 lines of his code from npm.

DailyMotion hit by malvertising attack

Researchers at Malwarebytes spotted a malvertising attack targeting the popular video-sharing site DailyMotion.