The Jericho Forum and the Cloud Security Alliance have announced that they are working together to promote best practices for secure collaboration in the cloud.


The groups will continue to provide practical guidance on how to operate securely in the cloud, while actively aiming to align the outcomes of their work.


Adrian Seccombe, CISO and senior enterprise information architect at Eli Lilly and Jericho Forum board member, said: “The cloud represents a compelling opportunity to achieve more with less but at the same time presents considerable security challenges. For business to get the most out of it, this new development must be addressed responsibly and with eyes fully open.


“Working together we believe that the Cloud Security Alliance and Jericho Forum can bring clear leadership in this important area and dispel some of the hype and confusion stirred up in the cloud.”


Jim Reavis, co-founder of the Cloud Security Alliance, said: “The cloud represents a fundamental shift in computing with limitless potential. Solving the new set of risk issues it introduces is a shared responsibility of cloud provider and customer alike.


“The Jericho Forum has shown early leadership in articulating and addressing the deperimeterisation concept. We are proud to join forces with them to provide pragmatic guidance for safely leveraging the cloud today as well as a clear vision for a future of pervasive and secure cloud computing.”