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Bring Your Own Device: OMG or A-OK?

Employee demand is compelling organisations to make a decision on 'bring your own device' - but despite some big-name cheerleaders of the trend, there is a danger that others might rush in before weighing up the pros and cons, writes Jessica Twentyman.

How can IT experts make a successful move to a career in information security?

After a tough recession, information security is increasingly a tempting prospect for IT high fliers. We examine how they can make the successful transition. By Jessica Twentyman.

How do smaller businesses choose the right MSSP to look after their data?

Smaller businesses will often turn to MSSPs to look after their data, but how do they choose the right one? By Jessica Twentyman

Built-in encryption is the future of storage

The TCG's publication of specifications for full-disk encryption points to the future of storage. By Jessica Twentyman

Striking out as an independent security consultant is risky, especially in the current economic climate

It may seem an odd time to abandon corporate safety and strike out as an independent consultant, but it can work. By Jessica Twentyman.