Jihadist hackers deface regional airport website in Australia

News by Tom Reeve

An Australian airport operator has vowed to improve security after its website was hacked and vandalised by jihadist activists. The incident, in which the public website of Hobart International Airport in Tasmania was defaced with messages in support of the ISIS terrorist group, was reported to Tasmanian police at 5.30am Sunday 12 April local time (8.30pm 11 April BST).

The website was offline Sunday and Monday while the airport operator worked with its web hosting company to tighten security.

The hackers claim to be members of ‘Team System Dz' and changed the homepage to a black screen with a picture of a masked gunman next to the words, “I am Muslim & I love jihad. I love isis <3”. The body of the message contained threats against the USA and Israel and a footer that read, “Special Gretz: Me(PoTi_SaD-I”.

The message is identical to one that has been posted on thousands of websites hacked indiscriminately in the past year. Their only objective appears to be to broadcast their message as widely as possible.

Tasmanian Police said they have been monitoring activity at the airport premises and have found no evidence of targeted activities onsite. “We are committed to supporting the security arrangements at the airport and are prepared to provide an appropriate response,” they said in a statement.

Hobart International Airport has a single runway, handling around two million passenger movements per year, primarily flying to Melbourne and Sydney.

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