Jimmy Wales suffers Twitter account hack

News by Roi Perez

The Twitter account of Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia and the Wikia webhosting company, has been hacked by OurMine.

After gaining access to the account, the group defaced the bio section, and wrote two tweets claiming “WikiPedia is a lie” and “RIP Jimmy Wales 1966 — 2016 #RIPJimmyWales”.

The OurMine group is notorious for carrying out such ‘hacks' - it usually tweets out links advertising its services as a hacking group.

In the past couple of months, OurMine has attacked the accounts of Pokémon Go's creator John Hanke, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg and co-founder of video-sharing website Vimeo Zach Klein.

They have also been seen to boast of “hacking” into accounts using old passwords from the LinkedIn and MySpace data dumps which were published online earlier on in the year.

Industry experts are advising the usual behaviours - strong and more importantly website-unique passwords - and potentially using a password manager.


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