Juniper has added 30 new features to the Mykonos security software including 'tar traps' to catch attackers.

Following the acquisition of Mykonos in February, Juniper has added new software to offer improved protection against a wider range of attackers and hacking techniques and simplified management and configuration for security administrators.

David Koretz, vice-president and general manager of Mykonos Software, a Juniper Networks Company, said: “Web-based threats have become a major concern and companies require a proactive solution with real-time prevention to augment traditional-network security defences.

“Mykonos is the first company to detect hackers during the reconnaissance phase of an attack. We can track, profile and, most importantly, respond to an attacker before the damage is done.” 

According to the company, the Mykonos Web Security solution uses the Intrusion Deception System to create detection points (or tar traps) to identify malicious actors in real time as they attempt to hack their desired target. Once an attacker is identified, the software prevents them from compromising critical information, wastes their time by presenting false vulnerabilities and provides valuable intelligence to thwart future attacks.

It also now integrates third-party software-vulnerability protection, integrating a large library of known third-party attack data into its tracking, profiling and response systems, to help prevent against known software vulnerabilities typically targeted by automated attack scripts.