Research by Juniper Networks has showed that there is a direct correlation between a misaligned IT strategy and the negative impact on a company's bottom line.


In a survey of 300 CIOs and IT directors of medium-to-large enterprises in the UK, France and Germany, results suggest that decision makers' attention during an economic downturn can be disproportionately drawn to IT issues that do not have the biggest impact on the ‘bottom line' of the business.


The research indicated that the majority of CIOs and IT directors surveyed believe that a ‘smart' network is a key business asset, with 75 per cent of respondents believing that modern businesses are able to provide better customer satisfaction, greater operational efficiency, and improved commercial success with high-performance networking.


Adrian Carr, vice-president of Enterprise Sales EMEA at Juniper Networks, said: “It appears that senior IT people understand the commercial power of a high-performance network infrastructure, but they are not always able to effectively prioritise projects and tasks that influence the company's business objectives and results.


“Especially under widespread financial pressure, the temptation is to cancel existing innovative IT projects or disregard new ones, while focusing on unavoidable issues such as compliance. This can be a very reactive approach that compounds financial pressure over time, and affects the rate of recovery as the economy improves.”