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AlphaBay PR flack pleads guilty to conspiracy charge

In a US court, the public spokesperson for the now defunct Dark Web marketplace AlphaBay has pleaded guilty conspiracy to commit access device fraud.

Trump critical of US Justice dept probe into FBI surveillance abuse

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to charge the US Justice Department inspector general with investigating the FBI's alleged abuse of its surveillance authority met with sharp criticism from US president Trump.

Cyber ring takedown one of largest, US says

The US Justice Department indicted 36 people in a cyber-ring created by a Ukrainian national on identity theft trafficking charges.

Apple is on wrong side of fight with FBI, experts say

Tim Cook's letter outlining Apple's objections to the court order compelling it to help the FBI bypass security on an iPhone has met with criticism from some cyber-security professionals.

Apple tells Justice Department iMessage encryption prevents compliance with court order

Apple told the Justice Department that iMessage encryption made it impossible to comply with a court order to turn over real time text messages between two suspects in a drug investigation this summer.