K7 Computing has announced the release of the next version of its endpoint security software: K7 Enterprise Security 1.2.

The company said it offers upgraded features and improved performance and reporting, including easier viewing of blocked URLs, coloured-coded security statuses of clients and a web filtering enhancement to block HTTPS sites over Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Users can also do manual updates at any time, with a change from an auto-update on a fixed schedule. Jan Zeleznak, technical manager at K7 Computing, said that the new enterprise product also comes with a two-way firewall and a combination of anti-virus, anti-spyware, behaviour-based protection and device control.

He said: “This is a two-way firewall that works in and out of the office so you can set a policy for both, so when someone uses their laptop outside of the office, you can apply a rule. This is a great feature for businesses.

“As the product is still so young, we can deploy factors that other vendors are not able to as it is too hard to deploy. We launched the first business edition in May 2011 so this is an advantage.”

The product also provides web control access and application control for endpoints, with USB and media access control also offered for intrusion prevention.

“With this, you manage the endpoints from the web console to manage the protection for any user inside the network perimeter, for remote users as soon as they leave the network they will look for an update from the server,” said Zeleznak.