Kaspersky Lab has introduced a robust password storage solution that boosts the security level of all Kaspersky anti-virus/Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 users.

Kaspersky Password Manager stores passwords, usernames and other confidential data in a dedicated database that is accessed via a master password. It can automatically recognise and fill in text fields in lengthy online forms and authorisation dialog windows in password-protected websites and programs.

Standard authentication in Kaspersky Password Manager requires the user to enter a master password to gain access to the protected database; a secret key is generated based on this master password. The database and the master password are encrypted using strong algorithms contained in the encryption providers built into Windows operating systems.

Kaspersky Password Manager is capable of generating strong passwords up to 99 characters long and can be run from removable USB media on any PC without prior installation.

Simon Geach, consumer sales director at Kaspersky Lab, said: “In light of the ever increasing risk of identity theft, we want to provide our users with an increased level of security for their logins and passwords.

“We are well aware that most users tend to only have a couple of passwords for a large number of resources, which is a particularly unsafe practice. To help improve this situation, we are giving them a powerful, user-friendly tool that reliably protects their digital ID.”