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£599.99 for 25 workstations for one year (Business Space)

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Strengths: Would make a great addition, as an anti-virus portion, if you choose to build your own malware offering

Weaknesses: Although great at anti-virus, short on other malware features

Verdict: Strong solution for server, desktop and mobile device anti-virus

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Kaspersky Open Space Security is a suite of products that offer security for all types of network endpoints, from mobile devices to servers.

Its Administration Server performs the centralised storage and management of applications and the Network Agent that is installed on the network node. An Administration Console provides the user interface to the services running on the server and agent.

Open Space Security contains modules to protect against threats at the gateway, server, workstation and smartphone.

We tested Kaspersky's Business Space Security with version 6.0 R2 of anti-virus for Windows and version 8.0 of the admin kit, used for configuration, management, reports and real-time visibility over the agent performance.

The server application load is now very easy, thanks to the automated install process. All of the required components, Microsoft MS SQL 2005 Express database, dependencies and applications, load with very little effort. A deployment wizard follows and guides you through initial configuration of the system, discovery of devices and creation of client loads. AD integration is strong and even supports deployment through an AD group policy. The user interface has been updated and is very powerful but can be complicated.

The product works like a traditional anti-virus solution, scanning incoming and outgoing data traffic for malicious content, including email, web traffic and network interactions.

New features include: the opportunity to create a standalone installation package; a redesigned user interface that added a results pane, reports view and information panel; the ability to collect information about the applications installed on client computers; and groups management with AD. Reporting has been upgraded, including the ability to create custom reports and export to PDF or XML.

Telephone support on a 13/5 basis is included in the sale price and additional levels of support are available for a fee.

Scalability, management, strong reporting and alerting make this a strong enterprise anti-virus solution. It also integrates with Cisco Network Admission Control to associate anti-virus status to assigned rules in NAC.

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