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From £133 for ten licences; from £770 for 100 licences depending on version

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Strengths: High amount of protection at a good price

Weaknesses: Difficult to manage and deploy agents

Verdict: A competent and solid product, if a bit difficult to use

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Kaspersky's Open Space Security suite includes protection on both the email and web levels and has many of the features necessary for good network protection. The solution integrates virus, spam and spyware protection and distributes protection policies throughout the enterprise via a management console.

The console itself sits on top of a database server such as MSDE and integrates into Active Directory for use with group policy objects. Updates to the virus list are provided hourly, while other lists are updated more frequently if necessary.

A strong point of this product is its ease of use. Installation of the administration kit was simple. The process is guided by many wizards and has clear explanations of options and available features. Once the installation is complete, the update wizard helps to quickly set up the correct definitions.

However, working inside the management console itself can be tricky. We found that navigating the console was confusing and deploying agents were not clear. Even with assistance from the various wizards, these tasks were difficult to manage.

Kaspersky's Open Space Security is very flexible and can be deployed across a network and all platforms. This provides one central point for efficient management of all malware threats.

Documentation is extensive. The deployment guide consists of a 90-plus page PDF that is not fully linked. This makes finding information awkward. The documentation describes deployment in detail and gives implementation options. It also describes a centralised administration system in enough depth to guide a relatively inexperienced user through the process.

Kaspersky offers round-the-clock online support, as well as live phone support to all registered users of its products.

Based on the number of end-user seats, the pricing is very reasonable for an enterprise product of this kind. The price also includes the cost of the administration kit. Because Kaspersky products extend anti-malware protection, beyond the typical desktop to other platforms, this product represents good value for money.

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