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Kaspersky Security for Mobile 10


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£17.83 per licence for 150 to 249 users

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Strengths: Powerful feature set; flexible deployment options

Weaknesses: Slightly complicated setup

Verdict: Coupled with excellent support and documentation, the product fits perfectly into its target market space of small to mid-sized businesses

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Targeted at small to mid-sized businesses, Kaspersky Security for Mobile 10 integrates mobile device management into the company's security suite. While the initial setup may be slightly more complicated than some other products, the end result offers superb security and flexibility.

Setup was a multi-stage process. We first installed the Kaspersky Security Center (KSC), making sure to enable support for mobile devices during installation. This proved to be critical, as users of KSC who installed it without enabling support for mobile devices, or users of older versions of the software, may be required to reinstall. Once we had KSC up and running, we configured the network port that the product would use to communicate with our mobile devices and made the appropriate firewall changes. Finally, we installed the Mobile Security administration plug-in on our administration workstation, which enabled access to the administration interface. Administrators wishing to integrate Apple products will also need to acquire an APN certificate from Apple and install the iOS MDM Mobile Device Server alongside KSC. 

Kaspersky Security for Mobile 10 offers a wide range of features. Supporting Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian operating systems, it is a fully functional MDM platform. It supports over-the-air provisioning via SMS or email, application black and whitelisting and hardware control, such as disabling cameras and Bluetooth and WiFi radios. It can detect rooting or jailbreaking, and can automatically lock or wipe the affected device.

An anti-malware suite is included, providing virus and spam protection alongside a secure browser. Also configurable are a number of anti-theft features, including full or selective device wiping, SIM card removal or replacement detection and a GPS locator function. Supporting the BYOD model, a fully encrypted sandbox container can be configured, allowing for total isolation of corporate data from the rest of the device. 

Kaspersky documentation is top-notch. Provided as PDFs, the administration and user guides are highly detailed and easily navigable through bookmarks, hotlinks and indexing. These are available through an online portal, along with an extensive knowledgebase and user support forums.

Kaspersky Lab offers three levels of customer assistance. Included with the product is its basic level, which provides 12 phone support cases and unlimited email and web aid, along with a 24-hour service level agreement (SLA) for issues classed as severity four, down to two-hour SLA for severity one. The next step up, gold, increases the number of support cases permitted, while decreasing SLA times. Platinum removes the phone support limit and provides for 30-minute SLAs for all severity levels.

Kaspersky Security for Mobile 10 has a variable pricing model, starting at £17.83 per licence for 150 to 249 users. While basic-level support is included, the gold and platinum levels are priced based on a percentage of the total licence expenditure.

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