Kaspersky sees uptick in spam from fake 'Amazon stores'

News by Jeremy Seth Davis

Kaspersky noticed an increase in fake emails that claim to be from Amazon online stores offering free gifts.

Kaspersky Lab spam analyst Maria Rubinstein reports an increase in fake emails that claim to be from Amazon online stores. The emails, most of which were sent from Italy or France, offered vouchers or gift certificates – or in some cases, a free iPhone.

The campaign indicates the scammers are unconcerned with taking additional steps to create convincing fake emails. While spam email campaigns typically spoof email addresses, these scammers simply used “Amazon” as the sender's name.

“Analysis of the links shows that users from different countries are redirected to different web pages,” says Rubinstein. “For instance, users with a European IP address are asked to fill in a form in English, and are offered the chance to enter a draw for an iPhone 6S as a reward.”

The spam emails ask the “winners” to enter their bank card details on the landing web page, and the information entered is likely used to financial fraud or identity theft.

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