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From £599.99 for 25 nodes for one-year licence

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Strengths: Very good protection for a reasonable price. Nice user interface on client side

Weaknesses: Difficult to manage and deploy endpoint software

Verdict: Solid product for what it delivers

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Kaspersky Total Space Solution is a product that provides realtime protection, with files being scanned when accessed, created or modified. Protection for files, web or email, anti-virus, anti-spy, IDS-like anti-hacker capability, application activity analyser and proactive defence are included.

The administration kit v6.0 required us to have Microsoft Data Access Components on the server and loaded its own copy of MSDE. We loaded an administration server and console. Multiple administration servers can be grouped and can support grouped clients. Once the application was loaded a quick-start wizard was presented to help  with the rest of the administrative set up. This agent was very helpful as we found the interface hard to use. Once we performed the remote installation on the endpoint, we found the features and management at the desktop side very intuitive and useful.

The administrative console provided reporting, alerting, tuneable alerts, email alerting, policy tools and the client distribution facility. The reporting was satisfactory and email alerting and the ability to tune alerts was good. The console was responsible for retrieving the updates for database components and distributing those updates to the endpoints via automated or manual means.

On the client side, we really liked the ease of use and power of the tools provided. The anti-hacker protection provided us with an IDS-like capability for network monitoring, firewall features and intruder detection. The anti-spy protection provides a self training algorithm for building the spam profile. In addition to spam protection, this feature delivers anti-phishing, popup-blocker, anti-banner and anti-dialer protection. The application activity analyser provided rootkit detection and task manager protection.

The documentation is extremely detailed, but it needed to be, due to the sophistication of the product. The standard support is very good, with online access 24/7. Additional support options are available for a fee.

This solution has good performance for a good price. Other products may boast more malware components, but this one is very good at what it does.

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