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Women in security: Changing perceptions

Its 100 years since women got the vote in the UK and more women are now speaking at Cyber-Sec conferences, alongside a renewed focus on recruitment and education. But momentum needs to increase. Kate O'Flaherty reports.

In harm's way: Assessing Russia's cyber-arsenal

As the threat from Putin's Russia escalates, the West is bracing itself for further cyber-attacks and disinformation campaigns. How sophisticated are its cyber-offensive capabilities and how might they be used?

Skills in security: Fighting the shortage - closing the gap

The talent shortage is widening. But, Kate O'Flaherty asks, what specific skills is the industry lacking and how can it fill the gap?

Ukraine used as a "training ground" for Russian hacking attacks on west

Ukraine has become a "training ground" for Russian hackers wishing to perpetrate cyber-attacks on the west, a Kyiv security expert has claimed.

Covert warfare: How likely are attacks on the UK's critical infrastructure?

Attacks on critical national infrastructure are growing in number and sophistication. So how big is the UK's risk?