Kemp Technologies has added authentication and log capabilities to its security offering.

The load balancing and application delivery controller vendor has added security features to its Edge Security Pack.

The company claims that it is helping fill the gap left by the discontinued Microsoft Threat Management Gateway, and the pack includes: endpoint authentication to validate access; persistent logging and reporting for user logging to monitor and track who is accessing virtual services and determine any unusual activities; and single sign-on across virtual services.

Peter Melerud, EVP of product management at Kemp, said: “As companies increase their deployment of web-facing applications, there is an increasing need for load balancers to provide high availability and minimise application security threats. Microsoft may have withdrawn its Forefront TMG from the market, but businesses still need to protect applications such as Exchange and SharePoint from unauthorised use.

“The addition of the Edge Security Pack will deliver superior protection alongside high-performance, reliable and scalable load balancing for the increasing number of hardware or virtual servers used to support the growth in internet-facing applications.”