The latest versions of server load balancer appliances and application delivery controllers have been launched by KEMP Technologies.

According to the company, version 6.0 of its LoadMaster family delivers enhanced denial-of-service (DoS) and SSL certificate features, along with pre-configured application templates to help ensure reliable, high-performing server load balancing and application delivery.

The DoS mitigation features defend against layer 7 DoS attacks against web-based applications and servers, and detect and fight DoS attacks at all layers to protect the entire web application stack. Also, the SSL certificate library centrally stores SSL certificates for easier maintenance and upgrades.

For businesses running applications in a virtual environment, LoadMaster 6.0 also supports the creation of whitelists or blacklists for all virtual services, allowing administrators to filter traffic at a granular level, including IP addresses at the internet, extranet or intranet levels.

Peter Melerud, vice-president of product management at KEMP Technologies, said: “LoadMaster 6.0 is now one of the few application delivery appliances that offers standard load balancing features such as caching, compression, SSL acceleration and content switching, along with advanced application deployment and security features that have previously been accessible only by large enterprises with robust IT budgets.”