Kerio launches new firewall

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Kerio Technologies has launched the new version of its firewall.

Kerio Technologies has launched the new version of its firewall.


Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.5 is a corporate gateway firewall with new link-load balancing and failover capabilities that allows organisations to optimise internet performance and increase reliability of business critical applications.


The Firewall includes a new link load balancer that distributes network traffic between multiple Internet connections, providing high availability and maximum performance to users. Kerio's security solution uses a data flow algorithm to calculate real-time Internet use for each link. This allows the firewall to automatically prioritise traffic to less congested Internet lines and maximise the combined capacity.


Its load balancing also has advanced policy-based routing of Internet traffic, so dedicated Internet lines can be assigned to demanding services for specialised applications, such as VoIP. Also, all of the Internet lines are constantly checked for availability and if one fails all traffic is rerouted to another line, therefore increasing reliability.


Jan Jezek, product development manager of Security Solutions for Kerio Technologies, said: “With link load balancing, there can be virtually unlimited Internet lines with a wide variety of connection types and Kerio WinRoute Firewall will seamlessly combine their capacities.”

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