Key Logging News, Articles and Updates

Key-logging malware, dubbed EHDevel, found intelligence gathering

Security researchers have found a sophisticated malware framework, EHDevel, which started with more vulnerable individuals in bid to reach ultimate objective, targeting several Pakistani individuals.

Svpeng mobile banking trojan now a keylogger

Cybercriminals have updated the functionality of the popular Svpeng mobile banking trojan giving it keylogger capabilities and the ability to access the text input from almost all of a devices apps.

Peripheral security appears to be very much in periphery

Wireless keyboards and mice are vulnerable to attack because of loose security procedures used by manufacturers, according to security research Mark Newlin.

Is Lemsip-laziness spreading keylogger malware?

Are we tackling surface symptoms and missing the root cause of system infections when it comes to keylogger malware?

RSA 2014: Touchlogging the new attack vector for mobile hackers

Two senior security researchers have detailed how hackers can use "touchlogging" attack techniques to take control of iOS and Android devices.

Smartphone touchscreen keylogging becomes reality

Installing Touchlogger malware on Android handset or a jailbroken Apple iPhone is relatively easy

2m Facebook, Google and Twitter logins stolen

Security experts claim that more than two million Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo user login details have been posted online.