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Cryakl ransomware keys made public

The Belgian Federal Police are making available for free the decryption keys for Cryakl ransomware and have become a partner with the No More Ransom Project.

Amazon issues security patch for Key after researcher claims hack

Amazon is issuing a security patch for its "Key"services shortly after a researcher posted a video demonstration of them claiming to hack the Amazon device using a Raspberry Pi.

Two keyless entry door locks vulnerable to unauthenticated requests

A vulnerability found in two keyless entry door locks enables local attackers to lock and unlock doors as well as create their own RFID badges by sending unauthenticated requests to affected devices.

60m internet users risked ejection in ICANN security update - ISPs fault

A proposed security change to the underlying infrastructure of the internet has been significantly delayed due to fears that it could knock up to eight percent of those affected - in total an estimated 750 million people, offline at a stroke.

Vendors leave crypto key in the door when it comes to security

The problem of certificates baked into firmware continues to jeopardise the security of consumer internet devices despite warnings to vendors, according to a researcher.

Jaguar car hack in New Zealand

A Jaguar XFR may have been stolen using hacking techniques increasingly seen on keyless cars.

Leaked D-Link security key allows hackers to disguise malware as legit

A leak of a major technology company's security key has been discovered, allowing hackers to convince Windows that their malware is legit.

UK firms at risk from attacks on crypto keys, digital certificates

A joint study from Venafi and the Ponemon Institute reveals that digital keys and certificates are in peril, especially at UK organisations.

Venafi launches best practice portal for key management

Venafi has launched a best practice portal for enterprise key and certificate management (EKCM).